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Extend your reality

Virtual reality

simulates an environment via a head-mounted display so the user can immersive them self in new experiences.



the solution to your needs.



applications from front to back. 



the application to the market.


The possibilities for Augmented Reality (AR) are endless. It opens up a way to enhance the markets only limited by our imagination.

Compatible devices

are available in different mediums. Most common are mobile devices and tablets. But for a more immersive experience a head-mounted display is a must.

User experience

The most important piece about creating an Augmented Reality (AR) app is the user experience.

How does the user perceive the app?

The user experience (UX) should be optimal for the average consumer to understand the app and fulfill his or her needs. 

Social media

Lorum ipsum.


Enable remote collaboration 

Frequently asked questions

Tracking enables Augmented Reality devices to match their content with the users perspective. 

Uses a 2D image as a tracking feature. The image could be a QR-code or custom designed picture. 

Networking enables the user to connect with colleagues or friends and share their Augmented Reality experiences. 

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