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Wildfyre is an extended reality company specialized in developing, producing and publishing software. 

We work on products where the boundary of the tangible and the virtual overlap. 

By looking at the world with new eyes. To gain better understanding of our reality. This way our applications make life more easier and fun.

Expand your horizon.

Founded in 2020, Haarlem.


Bram Meulman

Founder / developer

Bram started Wildfyre in order to combine his heart for design and interactive innovation. With the aim of learning something new every day. This gives him a broad knowledge of different types of disciplines such as 2D and 3D animation and of course extended reality applications. This manifests itself not only in business but also in passion projects.

Matthijs Panhuis


Matthijs has a strong background in online marketing and communication. He is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for new technology and knowledge of strategy and market. Over the years, he has worked for a wide range of clients, including Vattenfall, Friesland Campina and MC Donalds. Matthijs is also founder of the Emations Animation Studio.

Matthijs Panhuis

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